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Daily News Hungary

There are masses of political parties in Hungary and their number is growing from day to day: according to the data of the National Judicial Office (OBH) there are 222 registered parties and 177 are under the process of being registered, the daily Magyar Nemzet said on Friday.

The paper noted that in the 2014 elections, too, voters were confronted by huge numbers of new political formations. At that time 147 parties were trying to get into parliament.

Psephologist Zoltán Tóth told the paper that nothing has changed in election rules since 2014 and there are no obstacles in the way of setting up “fake parties”.

Party lists can still be established by parties that field at least 27 individual constituency candidates in nine counties and in Budapest.

The paper noted that despite allegations swirling around fake parties, with 187 investigations launched, no arrests have been made.

Source: MTI

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  1. Hungary is a beautiful country, being spoilt by a chosen few. Some people are going absolutely crazy with their ideas on political groups. I feel sure the problem is coming from the youth in school and the liberals minds of teenagers. I doubt this country would have got away with what is going on under the Communist regime. But then, we don’t want Communism back, so why don’t these ones trying to create new parties just stop and look at the consequences.

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