From October 19, the Hungarian State Railways will broaden its services on three railways by including evening and night trains from the capital. Moreover, there will be more trains that transport passengers between Budapest and Lake Balaton.

HVG reported that new trains would be available on weekday evenings from Budapest and on weekends passengers can travel during the night on the lines of Szob and Cegléd as well. On these lines, the number of people going can increase to its double by the end of every week than on other routes. More than 100,000 residents live in these regions.

MÁV made two lines on weekdays between Lake Balaton and Budapest longer.

From October 19, on the line of Budapest-Vác-Szob, on Saturday evenings (after Friday at 11.59 pm) and Sundays (after Saturday at 11.59 pm) trains will transport passengers in every hour. These night and evening trains can be used with the general ticket prices.

From October 21, the afternoon schedule of trains running from Nyugati Railway Station will be broadened until 9.00 pm which means that trains will transport passengers to Szob until 8.25 pm. From Nyugati Railway Station passengers can reach Szolnok as well.

Moreover, trains from Balatonszentgyörgy will not only stop in Székesfehérvár but in Déli Railway Station as well, likewise the trains from Keszthely to Székesfehérvár.

Featured image: Daily News Hungary

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