Budapest, December 22 (MTI) – The municipality of Budapest will no longer finance the public transportation of the city’s agglomeration, Mayor Istvan Tarlos said on Tuesday.

The suburbs outside the city will have to talk to the state about this issue, he told a press conference. Tarlos said as mayor he could not consent to law amendments passed last week which would put a dent of 20.7 billion forints (EUR 65.88m) into Budapest’s budget.

He said he did not agree with the amendments and added that no solution was offered during a Monday meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban to the problem of state financing enabling the city to fulfil its mandatory tasks.

Tarlos did not take any questions at the end of his press conference but said talks between him and the prime minister would continue in January.

The opposition Socialists said Budapest residents got a “huge slap in the face” from Orban during Monday’s meeting with Tarlos. They accused Orban of putting the city’s public services at risk. The failure of the talks means that the city will not get back 15 billion forints that it had paid on behalf of the state for maintaining public transport this year, said Csaba Horvath, a party representative for Budapest.


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