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Brussels, January 23 (MTI) – The primary measure of solidarity is full compliance with European Union rules, government spokesman Zoltán Kovács told an international press conference in Brussels on Monday in connection with the issue of migration.

Most EU member states have come to agree with Hungary’s stance that Europe’s borders should be protected, which the country has fulfilled for the past two years, Kovacs said.

In 2015 Hungary erected a razor wire fence on its southern border with Serbia to stem the inflow of illegal migrants.

Kovács said Hungary had spent millions of euros on beefing up security on its border with Serbia, thereby protecting Europe. Rather than being ashamed, Hungary can be proud that by strengthening the protection of its borders, it is showing solidarity towards other European countries, he added.

“Hungary doesn’t like fences,” Kovács said, adding, however, that this was the only way the country could control its borders. He said Hungary would not abandon any EU member state which endeavoured to protect its borders, noting that Hungary had sent soldiers and police officers to help with border patrols in a number of EU countries.

Swift action from and cooperation among member states is more effective than joint European measures aimed at resolving the migrant crisis, Kovács said.

The government spokesman said Hungary complied with all EU regulations but it would continue to oppose any plan to implement mandatory migrant redistribution quotas, especially if such a measure would have retroactive effect.

He said it would be a mistake to think that Hungary opposes the EU. Any criticism Hungary expresses towards the EU is expressed in the interest of the bloc, he insisted, adding the Budapest viewed Brexit as Britain’s response to how the EU was run.

Kovács said Europe’s future would be determined by how it responds to a changing world and how it renews itself.

The government spokesman reaffirmed Hungary’s support for a strong Europe and his country’s belief that the EU’s strength lies in the strength of its member states.


Source: MTI

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