Femina.hu reports that medical cannabis is already available in Hungary as a form of medical treatment, but only for one disease. Indeed, in Human Medicine, the aim of the usage of cannabis is not to generate euphoria, but to use it as a practical painkiller that also alleviates the symptoms of diseases. Let’s get to know more about where the usage of the controversial marijuana is accepted in Hungary.

Although the use of marijuana still generates much controversy worldwide, it can be prescribed, after careful consideration, as a form of medical treatment in Hungary. This, however, is still very disputed and poses some questions:

  • How legal is it to use cannabis with therapeutic aims?
  • Can people misuse it?
  • Against what diseases is it recommended and what alternative therapies does it entail?

The answers to all of these questions still widen the gap present between medical science that partly opposes cannabis and those wishing to legalise the usage of it.

Medical cannabis is not a source of pleasure

Medical cannabis is not a source of comfort in medical science used only for helping people overcome their mental problems. In contrast, thanks to its psychoactive ingredients, it can reduce inflammation or stomach cramps and relieve distress. Consequently, it is not used as a psychotropic drug in medical treatment, but more like a painkiller having antipsychotic effects.

The herbal components of the hashish including the THC, responsible for creating mental stimulation that sometimes leads to exaggerated imagination, are reduced by chemists during the production of cannabis. Furthermore, the CBD, which is the therapeutic substance of the plant, has been already used in the West under the form of some special oil that treat cancerous diseases.

Against what diseases is it allowed to be used?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the number of diseases against which the use of medical cannabis is allowed is relatively small. The medical committee of the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) only allows its usage against the sclerosis multiplex diseases affecting the central nervous system. Based on international research, besides treating AIDS, medical cannabis can be effectively used in case of tumours to alleviate the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Privilege of the well-to-do people

Unfortunately, medical cannabis is very expensive. Therefore the cost of treatment where it is used can reach several million forints.

While in other European countries it is available in the form of capsules, extracts or cream, in Hungary, concerning the few cases in which it was allowed to be used, only the spray form was tried out.

Besides the carefully selected treatment, the types of diet that patients have to follow strictly are also various, but the wrongly-selected diet only aggravates the condition of the individual.

Source: femina.hu

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