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Budapest, August 6 (MTI) – A memorial plaque has been unveiled on the site of a one-time camp in Krusevo, Macedonia, where hundreds of Hungarians found safe haven after the ill-fated anti-Soviet revolution of 1956.

The plaque was inaugurated by Péter Szilágyi, deputy state secretary for Hungarian communities abroad, on Saturday.

Altogether 20,000 Hungarians fled to Yugoslavia after the revolution to be distributed by the federal authorities among that country’s constituent republics. Fully 550 of them were sent to Krusevo and then, with the help of the International Red Cross, to the West.

“Hungary will never forget that Macedonians had granted refuge to Hungarian political persecutees after the 1956 revolution,” Szilágyi said.

Source: MTI

  1. My Dad, Sandor Laszlo Szaszy, was a Hungarian political prisoner, sentenced to life after fighting underground during the Soviet regime to help save Hungary from Communism. He fled to Vienna in 1956 after the Soviet regime fell, and later to the US. He met my Mom in California, who is of Macedonian descent, and is a proud Hungarian-American with two children with Macedonian blood as well. My two sons will now carry the Szaszy name with my Dad’s bravery and Hungarian pride in their blood. He has now passed, but his story lives within us every day. I felt intrigued to share this story as this article struck home for me.

  2. Dear Frend. There are millions of stories,too numerous we heard about,the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, I was there in Budapest,and took part of the revolution ,and left only 1957 January. Today I’m a proud Canadian ever since! God bless Hungary,and Canada!!!! Unfortunately today very serious problems facing the World ,the whole Europe taken by (not the Soviets) but barbar herds!!!!!!

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