According to, the sound system has been changed in most of the Metro 3 cars. Not only additional English-speaking passenger information will be provided, but the Hungarian-language announcements will be more understandable as well.

From Thursday on, there will be English-speaking passenger information in the majority of the metro cars. By replacing the sound system, BKK (Budapest Transport Centre) improves the quality of the announcement sounds, makes them more understandable, and eliminates the noise.

BKK and BKV (Budapest Transport Company) decided to modernize the Russian metro cars’ sound system in order to avoid the increasing number of mistakes made by speech synthesizers – BKK wrote.

The replacing of the sound system has been carried out on the “vast majority” of the subway cars, but you can still hear the earlier passenger information in a few metro cars.

The sound system was changed in those metro cars which will not be delivered to Russia for renovation in the near future, wrote.

As on the cars of metro 2 and 4, you can hear the voice of Pal Szaloczy on metro 3 as well.

The new sound system also allows to provide the passengers with Hungarian- and English-language information in the case of a possible malfunction or pre-scheduled maintenance.

The information will be automatic when the cars arrive and depart, the drivers do not need to push a button.

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  1. Fixing the Metro 3 is like putting perfume on a turd….. My dead grandmother can run a city better

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