Budapest (MTI) – Stopping the flow of illegal migrants on the Greek-Turkish border would be in everybody’s interest, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told commercial television channel TV2 on Friday.

The 300 border patrol and police officers the Visegrad Four (V4) countries are sending to Greece will be there strictly to carry out border patrol duties, Kovacs said, adding that the main question was whether the so-called “frontier states” intended to do anything at all to combat the crisis. “The way we see it, this is where the real problem lies,” he said.

Kovacs said it was unthinkable that central European countries should be put at a disadvantage for “doing the work that other countries failed to do”.

Speaking to public news channel M1, Kovacs said it was important to secure and reinstate the law on Europe’s borders, adding that the V4 have set an example of “how and where to show solidarity towards the rest of Europe”.

Kovacs told public Kossuth radio that “Europe is opening itself up a can of worms by not sending out the message that it intends to put an end to what is happening right now”.

Photo: MTI


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