“No physical atrocities occurred and nobody was injured during protests by illegal immigrants at the Guarded Refugee Receiving Centre in Békéscsaba”, the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor on Homeland Security told Hungarian news agency MTI.

“The camp in Békés County is home to 165 people, seventy of whom began acting in a disorderly and aggressive manner in the late afternoon. About thirty men began protesting in the institution’s courtyard. Their demands include acceleration of their cases’ processing and to be released on bail”, Mr. Bakondi told the press.


“Administration lasts on average 30-34 days, it cannot be done any faster”, he said.

“According to Hungarian law there is no way guarded migrants can be released”, Mr. Bakondi explained, adding that “The Government will not give way to domestic or foreign blackmail”.

“There are three guarded receiving centres operating in Hungary: one in Békéscsaba, one in Nyírbátor and a third in Kiskunhalas”, the Chief Security Advisor pointed out.

Last week, groups of migrants in Kiskunhalas began a protest that lasted several days. There, there was also an instance of physical violence: on Tuesday one of the Afghan refugees bit a piece out of another migrant’s ear.


“The Office of Immigration and Nationality and the police are working to restore order at the Békéscsaba Receiving Centre”, Mr. Bakondi said.

“The forces present are maintaining order and public safety in Békéscsaba itself”, the Chief Advisor stressed.

Békés County police wrote on the police.hu portal on Monday afternoon: “The detained refugees have stopped their protest and taken down the sheets on which they wrote down their demands”.
“Both the Centre and Békéscsaba remain peaceful”, they added.

translated by hungarianambiance.com

Source: mti.hu

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