Budapest (MTI) – The metropolitan council has made every effort to handle illegal migrants humanely but the situation, especially near Budapest’s Keleti railway station, is becoming unmanageable, Mayor Istvan Tarlos said on Friday.

Tarlos welcomed and expressed support for the government’s plans to have parliament in a fast-track procedure pass stricter regulations affecting migration in the penal code.

“Important junctions have been invaded by masses of people of uncontrollable identity, spreading beyond limits and neglecting the most basic rules, and the lack of legal means makes it increasingly impossible to take action in the interest of the city’s residents”, Tarlos said in a statement.

He added that it was intolerable that the European Union has demonstrated almost complete incompetence in handling the problem as a whole.

Public news channel M1 reported on Friday that in recent days, an unusually large number of illegal migrants gathered near Keleti railway station.

Photo: MTI


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  1. I honestly beleive it is time “tomorrow”, to disband the European Union, and to reinstate it back to what it was when it was first set up. The EU worked at the begining with the first 5 countries. As time goes by and more countries have joined, the political outlook and ideas have changed. I beleive that there is too much Socialistic and Left party influence. According to ex-Prime Minister of Hungary, the location of the EU centrum, should be set up more in the direction of Central Europe, and I strongly agree. Neutralism!!!! From each member country or state, there should be no more than at least 4 members representing each country. Their object would be to look after the interests of all EU states in a neutral way. Politics of any description should not play an active role. All Prime Ministers of each country should, every month or what is destined, be summoned to EU Parlaiment, to put their ideas and to debate, to equate where they go from there. I beleive all past laws, including Human Rights Laws, should be re-evaluated and amended where applicable. I honestly beleive the EU is going in the wrong direction, and what I have prescribed is the only way it can be saved. People like Merkel and Hollande should not be treated like GODS, and should step back. If the EU acts quickly, they could save Europe from a féte worse than death for the Euopean people and their cultures. I talk about everything, but at this moment in time, “The Migrant Situation”. “WAKE UP EUROPE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE”.

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