Hundreds of refugees and migrants stranded in Serbia continue to struggle in poor conditions, with most still waiting patiently for a chance to cross into Hungary, CCTV reports.

According to CCTV+ channel, Hungary tightened its border controls last September, granting passage to those fleeing the conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan but turning back others from elsewhere. Now, only 30 people are allowed to cross every day. Border control officers have insisted that priority be given to families with children.

Watch more CCTV’s video HERE.

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  1. Tough shi°t. They chose to break the law and to sponge off Europe so no sympathy. Go back.

  2. How did the migrants got to the border between Serbia and Hungary? explanation please. If the migrants are in Serbia, should they not stay there? Why is Hungary complicates its citizens life by dealing with this. By-the-way, real Somalian refugees are being evicted from Kenya. They probably could use some financial help.

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