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Földközi-tenger, 2018. augusztus 13. Az SOS Méditerranée civil szervezet 2018. augusztus 13-án közreadott felvételén Európába igyekvõ afrikai bevándorlók integetnek a szervezet munkatársainak, mielõtt felveszik õket a közelben várakozó Aquarius mentõhajóra a Földközi-tengeren augusztus 10-én. Az Aquarius európai kikötõt keres 141 migránssal a fedélzetén. (MTI/EPA/SOS Méditerranée/Guglielmo Mangiapane)

Those parties will be successful at next spring’s European Parliamentary elections that represent the public’s opinion about migration, MEP József Szájer said in an interview with daily Magyar Hírlap published on Saturday.

Hungary’s ruling

Fidesz does not plan to leave the European People’s Party and it is unlikely that the EPP would expel Fidesz, Szájer said.

“We believe that parties will be successful only if they take border protection more seriously and we will therefore continue the debates on this matter. I do not expect our membership to depend on this,” he added. He also said that expelling Fidesz because of the debate surrounding the Central European University would be a great mistake.

“We should continue to highlight the changes that need to be made in order to maintain the EU’s competitiveness.

What’s most important is to regain the trust of voters who have become disappointed about political elites,” he said.

He added that he expects the EPP to remain the largest European political force after next spring’s election but it will have fewer mandates than currently.

Photo: MTI/EPA/SOS Méditerranée/Guglielmo Mangiapane

Source: MTI

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