Budapest, October 3 (MTI) – The human resources ministry has submitted an application to the European Union for a 3.6 million euro grant for ensuring appropriate care and accommodation for migrant children that arrive in Hungary unaccompanied by adults.

The grant would serve to increase state capacity to accommodate 144 more children, the ministry told MTI in a statement.

The Hungarian government is committed to ensuring the security of these vulnerable children and will do its utmost to see their interests are not harmed. For precisely this reason, they are seen not as immigrants, but first and foremost as children, it added.

Photo: MTI


  1. Please don’t leave these kids in Hungary, they might be treated horribly, we have seen the photos…this regime is inhumane, racist and cruel! Let them got to Germany or Austria or any other civilized country where they will have a chance!!

  2. What nonsense! “We have seen the photos…” of what? Who took these photos? When? Where? It might surprise you to know, but “they might be treated horribly” in Germany, Austria or any other civilised country! Hungary is a poor country struggling to provide adequately for many of its own people so having this influx of migrants is really stretching their resources. They are doing entirely the right thing by applying for extra funding to help these children, and Europe should be taking note of this and providing more support. If you are so concerned about these children are you going to adopt them? Oh, but wait… how do we know you wouldn’t “treat them horribly”?

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