Budapest, August 31 (MTI) – Budapest does not intend to accommodate migrants in the long term and the shelter being offered is temporary only, the city’s mayor told MTI on Monday.

The city’s management rejects any “cheap, political attempts” to suggest that the city is acting against the interests of its residents, Istvan Tarlos said in a statement, commenting on a demonstration organised by the radical nationalist Jobbik party on Monday.

“Unidentified masses” should not be allowed to enter the country illegally and gather in Budapest, Tarlos said, adding that he would not support any permanent refugee facility in the capital.

Earlier in the day, anti-migrant demonstrators gathered in an area near Keleti railway station, designated as a transit area for refugees, and put up a tent in protest against the facility.

Gyorgy Peto, the head of municipal law enforcement directorate (FORI), said the new 4,000sqm area had been designated to replace ad-hoc shelters at various main stations and ensure their smooth operation.

Jobbik demonstrators said: “Budapest is no place for transit zones or refugee camps”.

Photo: MTI


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