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Budapest (MTI) – The targeted investigation launched into alleged sexual abuse allegations at a Budapest orphanage will bring results within two weeks, Károly Czibere, the state secretary at the human resources ministry, said on Friday.


The ministry has asked for information from several authorities and government agencies in order to form an objective picture of what had happened, Czibere said. The Directorate for Social and Child Protection Services is also investigating, as far as he knows, he added.

“If only a fraction of what has been published in the press is proven true, there will be legal and personal consequences,” he said.

Asked if the orphanage continues to care for children Czibere said the work cannot stop, as “there are children there who have been removed from immediate danger” “This is a very well-regarded institution and the information that has emerged so far is very controversial,” he added.

Source: MTI

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