Sziget Festival 2018
Budapest, 2018. augusztus 11. Fesztiválozók dobozos sört isznak a 26. Sziget fesztivál negyedik napján az óbudai Hajógyári-szigeten 2018. augusztus 11-én. MTI Fotó: Sóki Tamás

Hungary’s innovation and technology ministry voiced its support for the Greener Sziget, an environmental protection project underway at the Sziget Festival, a big outdoor music event in Budapest, in a statement released on Saturday.

The message of the Greener Sziget is in line with the goals of the ministry’s secretariat for sustainability: supporting environmental awareness and sustainable development, the ministry told MTI.

Selective waste islands have been set up at 140 locations on the festival grounds, and festival-goers can trade their trash for gifts or WiFi access at three recycling centres.

Some of the waste is even being used to make accessories at the Trash Fashion workshop, resulting in an overall recycling rate of 30-40 percent.

Caterers at the festival are using biodegradable plates and eating utensils, plastic straws are being provided only upon request, plastic bags have been prohibited, and drinks are being served in reusable cups for which customers pay a deposit, a giant step toward reducing plastic pollution, the ministry said.

More than half a million visitors are expected at this year’s Sziget Festival, which runs until Wednesday.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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