dog at work office just announced that since dogs are now considered part of the family in many places, they decided to follow in the footsteps of such huge American companies like Google and Amazon, and let their employers bring their four-legged friends to work.

Research has shown that having dogs in the workplace is not only good for the pets, it also makes the humans’ days better. It decreases stress and increases creativity. Check out other dog-friendly places in Budapest where you can spend some time together with your dog.

MOL emphasizes responsible pet ownership and made it possible for people to bring their dogs into MOL offices and the headquarters in Budapest. Dog owners usually have to be careful with their schedules in order to have time for those necessary walks. This way they do not have to leave their pets in an empty apartment while they spend most of their day at work. The presence of dogs has a positive impact on the workplace environment and it may even help to foster a good relationship among coworkers. A cute dog showing up at work generates more interaction between employers. Welcoming dogs into the workplace will also make these jobs more interesting for the younger generation. Millenials will feel more at ease if they can bring their pets to work.

“Less stress, more comfortable work environment, tighter social relationships in the workplace. These were the things we kept in mind when we welcomed our employees’ dogs in the headquarters. Our internal rules were developed by both colleagues who have dogs and those who do not. We are still getting used to the new order, but so far we only have positive experiences” said Domokos Szollár, director of communications, who also has a four-legged friend.

Other initiatives

MOL has launched many dog-friendly initiatives last year: they welcomed pets to 450 gas stations and they have installed 50 microchip readers at their gas stations to help find the owners of stray dogs. And the newest initiative is that the Budapest headquarters welcomes dogs during work hours. They can even attend the meetings.

Responsible owners will be able to walk their dogs on a leash inside the buildings. The dogs have to be socialized and friendly with other dogs or people. The only restrictions are that these dogs cannot weigh more than 25 kg and they are not allowed in the dining rooms. Every group can decide for themselves if they want to allow dogs or not, so those who are allergic could veto the initiative. MOL also created an outside area to walk the dogs.

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