The Award Ceremony of the Contest “Dog-Friendly Place of the Year” was held for the fourth time this year – with full house. The number of applicants hit record: 124 applicants competed for the award of dog friendly services and they received more than 20,000 votes in less than one month. reports the winners.

The main goal of the contest was to popularise responsible animal keeping and to present dog friendly services and workplaces. In 2017, the group of 10 categories widened with that of shopping centres and malls.

“It was a great honour for us that the number of applicants this year was one and a half times as great as last year. The strongest category this year was that of workplaces, but there was an increase in the category of restaurants too. From now on, the category of shopping centres will be represented each year. We would like to popularise the dog friendly philosophy and responsible dog care in every October together with the applicants.

More and more partners and promoters join this initiative, thanks to the growing camp of civilised, responsible dog keeping in Hungary.”

– said Tibor Sziládi-Kovács, founder of and the project Dog Friendly Place of the Year.

The Contest “Dog Friendly-Place of the Year” addresses those who realised the sociocultural importance of responsible dog keeping, besides the outstanding communicational possibilities. In addition to votes from the audience, the jury’s decision is profoundly influenced by the manifestations of the given place in connection with the protection of animals and their dog friendly attitude.

The “Dog Friendly Place of the Year” contest is, naturally, not all about competition. Thanks to the places taking part in the action, media partners, and promoters of the project, organiser can spread the notion of responsible dog care with more success and efficiency. Furthermore, like each year so far, they donate a pack of dog food of great value to an animal shelter. This year it was given to The Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation. They also support the campaign for keeping the cities clean from dog waste.

Dr Balázs Aladics said that “as a vet, I find it important to familiarise owners with the concept of responsible animal keeping, besides the treatment and prevention of illnesses. It is not enough to take care of the physical health of the dogs, it is also essential to give them the chance of spending quality time with their owners, even outside their homes. I regard the “Dog Friendly Place of the Year” contest as an excellent initiative, which contributes to the realisation of this goal.”

The ceremonial award giving took place in Larus Event Centre, famous for being dog-friendly.

The management of Larus expected the four-legged guests with some dog biscuits.

In 11 categories, 34 awards were given to the prime of the 124 contestants.


Hotel Szépalma és Ménesbirtok – most votes
Öreg-tó Club Hotel and Youth Hostel – jury’s prize


Bacchus Apartman – Borbarlang Vinotéka, Badacsony – most votes
Gyékényes-Vízpart – jury’s award


Hari kebab (Budapest) – most votes
Panifico il Basilico (Szentendre) – most votes
BB’z Bar & Grill (Budapest) – jury’s award
Komédiás restaurant (Győr) – jury’s award


Members of the jury were Évi Barabás news editor, Anett Czippán tv show host, Kata Kánya actress, Krisztina Németh director of Abbázia Group, Dr. Károly Varga paediatrician, Dr. Balázs Aladics, Dr Hajnalka Sziládi-Kovács, Tibor Sziládi-Kovács.


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