MasterCard and Viber launched a money transferring app which can be tried by Hungarian users first.

MasterCard and Rakuten Viber (after Japanese multinational company Rakuten which has been added in 2017 while the public still calls it Viber to this day) launched their money transfer service called Moneytou, reports

From the 25th of November, users can send each other money in a quick and easy way, through the help of a Hungarian-developed service in the Viber app.

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The Moneytou app is first tested by Hungarians who register their debit card so they can send each other money later by just a few touches. Transactions come with a small fee, but they are supposed to work instantly and are available even on the weekends.

The service based on the technology of MasterCard Send was first announced in October. GB & Partners investor group supported the development of Hungarian start-up company Neopay.

In the upcoming days, Moneytou will become available for all Hungarian users while according to plans, it will be tested on other markets as well in the near future.


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