According to Destatis, the German Federal Statistical Office, fewer Hungarians go to Germany but never before were that many Hungarian babies born in the country than in 2018.

As we reported before, the number of foreign nationals in Germany almost reached 11 million according to statistics by Destatis. Furthermore, the number of foreign nationals in Germany increased by 2.7% (by 291,515 people) from 2017 to 2018. The number of Hungarian citizens living in Germany increased as well:

212,360 Hungarians were registered at the end of last year,

which is 5,335 more than in 2017.

According to their data, the emigrant peak in the case of Germany was in 2012-2013, so those who wanted to leave did so shortly after the German job market was opened for the Hungarian labour force in 2011.

Regarding the Hungarians living in Germany, there are 1.5 times more men than women, and the average age of the men is 37.5 years while it is 35.5 years in the case of the women. Furthermore,

the great majority of them is between 25 and 45 – reported.

Now comes the bad news. The data mentioned above means that mostly those leave Hungary who are in the age of planning to have babies. Therefore, it is not surprising that

1,860 Hungarian children were born in Germany last year.

This is the highest number since such data exists (2007), and 300 more than it was in 2017.

In contrast, in Tolna and Heves counties, fewer than 2,000 babies were born in 2017 (we do not yet have the data of 2018) while Vas and Zala counties were only a bit above this number. Since the number of births is decreasing in these counties, we can say that it might have happened that there were more babies born in Germany than in Zala or Tolna counties. And, according to, there is a good chance that these children (and their parents) will never return to Hungary to pay taxes or pension contribution, which is a huge problem in the country.

According to Destatis, in 2018, there were almost

9,000 Hungarians living in Germany who were already born there. 

The data of the statistical office says that the number of Hungarians going to the country is decreasing (2013: 40 thousand; 2018: 28 thousand). Furthermore, the number of those leaving the country is increasing (2018: 24 thousand), and makes it likely that the majority of them went home to Hungary. However, the trend did not change yet; there are still more Hungarians going to Germany than coming home.


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  1. That is disheartening news. With the huge employment opportunities in Hungary, why are people leaving?

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