The 14th doctor mission of the African-Hungarian Union continued the series of operations with parotid and thyroid gland surgeries yesterday. There was a celebration in the evening; they celebrated birthdays and name-days besides the 40 successful operations, says HTCC.

Dr. Edina Pálinkás and dr. Illés Balogh, young otolaryngologist residents of the Hungarian doctor mission, get more and more chance to prove their talents in surgery – said Csaba Szeremley, leader of the HTCC house in Malawi. The team also visited a private healthcare institution after yesterday operations.


Dr. Irshad Bari, leader of Limbe Muslim Jamat Centrum guided the Hungarian doctors around. There is only one functioning hospital in the centre, in Limbe, but another hospital with surgeries is planned to be built next year. Hungarian doctors are awaited here too, even for short term voluntary work, just like the one done by the mission right now, or for long term, 1-2 years in a full-time job.


The team celebrated in the HTCC building, thereafter in an Indian restaurant until the evening. On one hand, they celebrated that they have done 43 successful operations within a week, on the other hand dr. Gábor Katona’s birthday and dr. Imre Gellinger’s name day.

The team visited Zomba the next day; they went to a hospital in this very far-away destination, and they visited the lakes and waterfalls of the plateau thereafter.


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