A video of a driver trying to take a three-point turn on the Buda side embankment has had more than 6 million views since its 2009 upload. Vezess.hu reported on the find.

The 4-minute video shows a woman attempting to turn around on the Buda side embankment in Budapest. Other drivers, instead of simply overtaking her or offering help, turn around and drive away, no doubt: trying to find a different route to their destination, although it is unclear from the video why they judged that to be necessary. The embankment is surprisingly deserted, in fact there is no one in sight besides the three cars the driver inconveniences during her turn, yet the uploader of the video and the consequent comments on Youtube treat the woman rather harshly for what is a seemingly inexperienced but eventually successful attempt at a Y-turn on an empty road.

The video has more than 6 million views to date.

Photo: youtube.com

Copy editor: bm

Source: vezess.hu

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