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The Moroccan Minister of Water trusts Hungarian help

The Moroccan Minister of Water trusts Hungarian help

Water is very important in the gate of Africa. And Hungary is the land of water. According to, the Moroccan Minister of Water and the president of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) talked about the two countries’ promising cooperation.

Morocco Minister of Water, Charafat Afailal, came to spend two days in Budapest at the invitation of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior. The parties made a contract so that joined projects can go on uninterruptedly.

The African-Hungarian Union (AHU) and Hungarian Trade & Cultural Centre (HTCC) in Morocco play a key role in this process. Sándor Balogh, president of AHU, and József Steier, director of the Moroccan HTCC were the ones representing the Hungarian side at the conference table.

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From the left: Noureddine Benomar and Charafat Afailal

Water is very important in Morocco and the problems caused by global warming, which they have already talked about at the Climate Conference in Paris, are quite intriguing in the African country. The discussion will be continued on the 28th of November at the Budapest Water Summit.

Hungary and Hungarian technical developments (like water insulation) can help a lot in the solving of Morocco’s problems. This is exactly the type of innovation that two members of the delegation who came with the minister were looking for.

Besides the leaders of AHU and the Moroccan HTCC, Charafat Afailal and Noureddine Benomar, Moroccan Ambassador to Hungary, both said that this meeting was of key importance. The ambassador emphasized how optimistic he was concerning the future of Moroccan-Hungarian relations. The minister believes that the two countries could also help each other with further developments.


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