The Moroccan National Tourist Office welcomed Hungarian journalists at an orientalist-style dinner where they introduced the North African country’s colourful natural phenomena along with the cultural and economic opportunities for Hungarians, writes.

The dinner was attended by Nouredine Benomar, the Moroccan Ambassador to Hungary, and Tamás Glázer, the Hungarian Tourism Ltd.’s deputy CEO for tourism. Khalid Mimi, the Moroccan National Tourist Office’s director for Eastern European affairs emphasized that tourism has a great importance in the country, which has 35 million residents; 12% of the GDP comes from tourism. But the government’s goal is to double the number of tourists by 2020.

In order to do that the country is about to build six coastal hotels; five on the sunny, warm Atlantic coast, and one in the Mediterranean area. The country has a great infrastructure with 28 ports, 1500 km clearway, and 15 airports.

Khalid Mimi emphasized that Morocco is not only close to Europe in a geographical sense, but culturally and economically, too. The country organizes the Marrakeshi International Film Festival every year, to emphasise communication between the different countries. The Festival does not only have Bollywood stars, but several famous actors, actresses, and directors have also attended in the previous years, like Marion Cotillard, Sharon Stone, or Martin Scorsese.

The free Mawazine Musc Festival, at which Christina Aguilera will also perform this year, is organized every year in May. The country also has a race called Aicha des Gazelles rally, where only women are allowed to participate.

Morocco is also eager to provide tourists the same quality of services as a European country would, and many international hotel chains, such as the Ritz-Carlton, the Sofitel, and the Regency also have hotels in the country. Besides international companies, tourists can also sleep in riads, which are traditional Moroccan quarters; one night can cost from 10 to 5000 Euros, Khalid Mimi added.


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