There have already been 33 murders in the capital until the end of October this year, but last year, too. Based on the statistics domestic violence is still leading the list, but there were nearly 20 people committing the crime because of jealousy reasons, writes Magyar Idők.

There is no day passing without a trial with cases like murder or attempted murder allegation at one of the courts in Budapest. Moreover, murders are seen in the daily news more often. An especially brutal case happened recently. The blankets of two sleeping homeless people were set on fire by someone on Wednesday in the IX. district in Budapest.

One of them did not survive. according to the police, the arsonist has already been caught, but his or her motives are still unknown.

The murders’ statistics of last year and this year show that most of the murders are committed in the capital city, which is not surprising. 33 people died violent deaths last year in Budapest, and the same number of people have been killed until this October, which means that this year’s statistic will be worse than 2015, at least for Budapest. All in all, the charts will be probably better, because there have been “only” 179 murders registered this year compared to last year’s 202.

According to the police, the second most murders happened in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, just like in the last year. There were 14 people killed there in 2015, and there have been 16 victims so far in 2016. The police department of Tolna County has to deal with the least crimes of this kind; only one procedure started in this topic in last year and no actual murder happened yet in 2016.

There are still many crimes committed by a family member towards a relative. This kind of case happened 88 times last year and 59 times this year. It is interesting that the list of the numbers of domestic violence cases is led by Pest County. 11 people became victims of their own relatives in the capital city and 12 in the County. According to the data, there have already been eight murders in Pest County in this year and five in Budapest.

Number of murders committed for jealousy reasons is almost the same nationally as it was in the last year. There were 18 cases registered in 2015 and 16 in 2016.

The data are divided this year, too.

Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County had the most of these cases last year, three all together, but Hajdú-Bihar and Heves County has the same amount this year.

Photo: Magyar Idők

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Source: Magyar Idők

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