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We collected the best mobile apps for navigating Hungary – for both visitors and residents.



Dubbed as the Hungarian eBay, this app connects buyers and sellers in Hungary. However, it offers so much more than its American counterpart. People can also browse for potential properties to rent or purchase throughout the country. Unlike similar applications, users can also access job listings via the platform.


BKK Futár and BKK Infó

BKK Futár, created by the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK), is designed to help users navigate the Budapest transport system. It has very specific information, including timetables and best routes for disabled travellers. Information is also updated real-time. BKK Infó is its accompanying app, which is useful for travel alerts and news regarding diversions and road blocks.


SmartCity Budapest Transport

This is similar to the BKK apps but has an offline function as well. However, it’s less likely to have the most up-to-date travel information as it is not an application created by BKK.



Interested in travelling in Hungary outside of Budapest? Vonatinfó is the official app for the national railway company, MÁV. With it, users can check timetables, purchase tickets, and access up-to-date travel information.  Discounts are also accessible via the application.



Uber does not operate in Budapest just yet, but Bolt is a worthy alternative. Just like Uber, Bolt offers rides for customers 24/7. This is a great alternative to Budapest public transport if you need to get somewhere quick.


Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide Audio Travel Guide started life off as a Hungarian start-up. Since then, it has worldwide coverage and has over 500,000 downloads on the Play Store alone. Using your GPS data, Pocket Guide provides an audio-guided tour of the city or town you are exploring. As it was developed in Hungary, the app has a lot of tours dedicated to Hungarian places.



As mentioned earlier, the Hungarian market has not been conquered by Uber. NetPincér allows users to place food orders from a range of Hungarian restaurants. This is a great way to explore Hungarian food culture from the comfort of your home.


Earlier this year, we reported that Hungarian mobile data is one of the fastest in the world. We also collected the best online resources to learn Hungarian.

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