Mr. Bean

Guess who visited this year’s Hungaroring?!  – Mr Bean!!! Rowan Atkinson (64) was also interested in 2019’s Formula One Hungarian Grand Pix.

The actor enjoyed the race in the box of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team, where he could eyewitness the qualifying section and cheer for the five-time world champion British classic, describes

Only a few people may know that the comic star of the Johnny English movie series and The Black Adder comedy is a great fan of Formula One and has already appeared in several Grand Prix before.

Therefore, 2019’s Hungarian Grand Pix was a great show not only for Formula 1 fans but for Mr Bean freaks as well.

However, food and beverage consumption at the race might have cost a fortune for the fans, considering that a slice of pizza or a big pancake cost 6 EUR, while a gyros was offered for 8 EUR, according to Pénzcentrum.

As far as drinks are concerned, 500ml soft drinks were offered for 2.5 EUR, mineral water for 2 EUR, lemonade for 3.7 EUR, while canned beers could be purchased for 3 EUR, describes, 

As Pénzcentrum describes, these amounts have not increased compared to last year’s prices.






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