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Workers of the Tropicarium stumbled upon an unusual surprise in Budapest Sunday morning. Someone left a living 130-cm-caiman for them in a box, asking the establishment to take the poor orphan in.

RTL Klub reports that a mysterious wooden box was found in front of the Tropicarium in Budapest Sunday morning. There was a hand-written note on top of the box which said:

“Tropicarium, please take me in. 130 cm caiman. Be careful, it bites!”

At first, the workers at Tropicarium thought that it was a joke, and they expected to find a stuffed caiman inside or something like that. Much to their surprise, there was a live 130-cm-caiman inside the box. The animal seemed healthy and in good shape. It was carefully transferred from the box into a humidified room.

The Tropicarium already has a caiman named Kálmán. Unfortunately, they cannot put the newcomer together with Kálmán, so they need to transfer it to another zoo where it can be taken care of.

Caimans are relatively small-sized crocodilians that are found mostly in Mexico, Central and Northern South America. They live in marshes, swamps, or mangrove rivers and lakes. They are characterised by scaly skin and an average maximum weight of 6 to 40 kg. They are nocturnal predators. Similarly to alligators and crocodiles, their diet consists of a great deal of fish.

You can watch the Hungarian news segment for photos and videos:

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