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The staff of one of Budapest’s psychiatries woke up on a Thursday morning and saw one of their patients suffocated on the hospital bed. The police arrived at the scene immediately to start the investigation.

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“I saw police cars arriving, and the officers headed to the third floor.”

-said one witness to Blikk on the day of the incident. This psychiatry is responsible for many districts of Budapest, and problematic patients arrive almost every day. Most of these people are under the influence of heavy drugs or psychological problems, and that is the reason they behave violently and scream as loud as they can.

Because of their violent and unpredictable behaviour, it is hospital policy to tighten these patients strongly to one side of the hospital bed. Patients with serious conditions even receive tranquilisers and remain under 24-hour supervision.

The same thing happened to this patient who had been tightened to the hospital bed by the arms and legs. The police stated that, allegedly, the patient wanted to get up from the hospital bed and started to move. While moving intensively to get out of the bed, the patient’s head got stuck between the bed’s grates. He/She could not remove it and suffocated during the night. It is unknown whether someone supervised this patient during the night. When the hospital confirmed the patient’s death, several police cars arrived to start the investigation.

The police stated that the case of alleged crime or murder is out of the question.

There are approximately 2 million people in Hungary who should be treated in psychiatric institutions, but only 100,000 patients are registered in these facilities. According to the health law, these patients must be tightened to the hospital beds, but in this case, a doctor or a nurse must supervise them constantly.

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