According to, Hungary will face Estonia, Finland and Greece in this year’s inaugural UEFA Nations League competition after the four teams were drawn together in Group 2 of League C in the tournament draw yesterday in Lausanne.

Wednesday’s draw began with League D, with the 4th seeds being allocated groups first – the first into Group 1, the second indo Group 2, and so on – followed by the third-, second- and first seeds.  League C groups – Hungary’s league – was drawn next, with the difference that there are only three 4th seeds, meaning that the first 4th seed drawn went into Group 2, and not Group 1. Group 1 is comprised of three teams, whilst groups 2, 3 and 4 have four teams each. As Hungary were top seeds in the League C, they were one of the last teams drawn in League C.

Once the draw was made, the various team representatives agreed upon the group match schedule; who plays against who, and when. At the same time, UEFA determines the match kick-off times, taking into account the requests of the TV coverage rights-owners.

Teams don’t have a completely free hand when setting the matchdays, UEFA having regulations which are determined by the geographical and climatic conditions.

UEFA has designated three match lick-off times. Midweek matches will be played at the tried and trusted Champions League kick-off time of 20:45, complemented with some 18:00 kick-offs. Matches held on weekends will be split evenly between 20:45 and 18:00 but there will also be a 15:00 kick-off too.

The traditional European Championship qualifiers will be begin in spring 2019 after the group-stage of the Nations League has been completed, with the Nations League semi-finals and finals to be held in spring 2020. The four league winners (of League 1, 2, 3, and 4) will qualify for UEFA Euro 2020.

UEFA has made the following video about the points of contact between the League of Nations and the traditional European Championship qualifiers:

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