Budapest, Keleti, railway, station, Hungary received reports that the walls of Keleti Station were adorned with swastika flags on Saturday morning.

They were shooting a Nazi-themed film, but this was not obvious until visitors to the station walked to the end of the platform, where the high-end cameras and lighting equipment were located.

Later during the day, shooting staff placed signs around the station to let travellers know that filming was taking place in the station.

However, the event resulted in some shocking sights for visitors who were not aware of the shoot. For example, the Nazi flag was placed behind a picture of the  Hungarian coat of arms. Hopefully, it was removed when they started filming…


keleti címer
Nazi flags at Keleti Station. Source:

Budapest has been the filming location for various films, especially its stations; the architecture of these buildings is perfect to create a story set between 1900 and 1945.

The Hungarian capital has also been extensively disguised as another city. From Paris to Buenos Aries and from Berlin to Beijing, Budapest has been used as a set for cities around the world. Budapest not only has a beautiful architecture for a shoot, but it is also a cheaper location than other global cities such as London or New York.

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