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New bridges are being constructed over the Danube: one of them is being built in Győr and one in Komárom. The earlier one has been under construction since June, while the latter one just had its cornerstone laid.

As NLCafe reported, the eastern detour at Győr seems to be materialize, according to National Infrastructure Development Company. The executors have been working on the 5.2 kilometers road section since June. A 395-meter-long bridge is also being built between Győrszentiván and Győr Bácsa as a part of the project. Now the process is in the phase of pushing in.

Photo: NFI Zrt.

The structure needs to be kept in its permanent position, so height must be adjusted constantly. The bridge can only be moved when the wind speed is under 36 km/h. The process is expected to last for about 15-20 days.

Photo: NFI Zrt.

Meanwhile, the construction of the other bridge at Komárom began on 14 August. The bridge is being built on the Hungarian side by Hídépítő Ltd. and H-M Dunahíd Konzorcium, according to

The budget is approximately 91 million euros.

The bridge is being built 170 meters west from the railway bridge in Komárom, evading both downtowns. The construction of the bridge is increasing the traffic of Komárom, because there is no detour in the area. Elizabeth Bridge has a weight limit of 22 tons, while there will be no such limitation on the new bridge.

The traffic of the southern parts of Komárom does not suffer any harm, because the border is still accessible from the M1 motorway.

Two single-lane roads will go through the 600-meter-long bridge. Pedestrian walkways and cycle paths will also be constructed. It will have public lighting and the pylon and the cables will have floodlight. The structure consists of a single-pylon cable-stayed bridge with steel bridge decks. The bridge consists of five apertures, three of which goes above the bed and two on the northern floodplain. The pylon’s height above the track is 94.5 meters.

Photo: NFI Zrt.

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