Budapest, September 24 (MTI) – The new cabinet office, to be headed by outgoing Fidesz group leader Antal Rogan, will likely operate with a small staff including three state secretaries, it was revealed at an informal briefing of journalists on Thursday.

The main task of the new cabinet office, planned to be set up as a new stand-alone ministry and taking over areas from the prime minister’s office, will be to aid the work of Viktor Orban, complemented with the other tasks of liaising with the parliamentary groups of the governing parties and managing government communications, it was said.

The new office is expected to be set up in the second half of October at the latest, with offices located in the Parliament building and in the surrounding area.

The cabinet office entrusted with general political coordination is expected to have three state secretaries in charge of public administration, parliamentary affairs and government communications.

The most likely candidate for the parliamentary affairs position is Csaba Domotor, who serves currently as deputy state secretary for communications.

The post of government communications state secretary will possibly be held by Andras Giro-Szasz, who currently does the same job at the prime minister’s office.

The cabinet office will be tasked with handling the government’s media relations, the ruling Fidesz party and its parliamentary group in an “integrated way”.

Photo: MTI


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