Budapest, January 21 (MTI) – The Netherlands, as president of the European Union, is committed to keeping both the Schengen Area and the EU together, and the migrant influx does not warrant the establishment of a “mini-Schengen”, the Dutch ambassador said on Thursday.

The Netherlands wants to see the European Commission implement its migration policy as quickly as possible, emphasising the importance of strengthening Europe’s external borders and supporting Turkey, Gajus Scheltema told a press conference. He said migrants are coming to Europe because they are fleeing crises, and he insisted that many of them are genuine refugees.

The ambassador stressed the need to continue the fight against terrorism.

On the topic of employment, he said EU citizens must be given equal rights in each member state so that they can exercise their right to free movement.

Outlining the presidency’s programme, he said The Netherlands wants to run an effective EU presidency with a focus on challenges faced by the bloc. Besides migration and security, the main focus areas of the presidency in January-June include innovation and job creation, the stability of the euro zone, as well as climate change and energy policy, Scheltema said.


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