Mol LIMO car sharing Budapest Hungary

Approximately 800-900 people use the new carsharing service of MOL in Budapest. The vehicles of the system have already travelled more than 400,000 kilometres. As revealed, there are certain hotspots in the Hungarian capital that are especially popular among the users of carsharing.

MOL established a new service in Budapest in January which has been serving as an in-between solution between public transport and taxi cabs — at least from the perspective of prices. The service became popular surprisingly quickly after its launch. For the record, the cars could be rented for 11 cents per minute first, but this introductory price was doubled soon. Now it is around a quarter euro per minute.

The quick rise did not hinder the service’s popularity: according to MOL, 800-900 drivers rent these cars every day, and the service has more than 26,000 users by now. The company also states that limo cars are also quite popular.

The 300 vehicles of the fleet have already traveled 400.000 kilometres since the launch of the carshare service. 

They have also named the most important hotspots of the service. It was proven that the Graphisoft Park and the railway station in Kelenföld are locations where most of the cars are rented. The Pest side of the capital has much busier traffic, especially around Örs Vezér Square and Nagykörút.

Registering for carshare is still free until the end of April. After that date, signing up will cost 19 euros.

Those who will use limos regularly will have to pay 3.20 euros monthly to be able to use the vehicles for 21 cents per minute. Customers who intend to use the service only occasionally will not have to pay a monthly fee, but the tariffs will be 25 cents per minute for them. asked the management of MOL about whether they are planning to introduce certain packs for different time periods. They did not mention any exact examples, but they noted that they will inform their customers in time if any novelty is introduced.

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