HVG.hu writes that the Russian airline, Yamal, received the necessary permissions to operate flights from Zukovskij, Moscow’s latest and fourth international airport, to Budapest.

New flights will be launched by the Russian Yamal airline from Zukovskij to several countries; Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Tadzhikistan will become accessible by airplanes from the new airport of Moscow.

According to the plans, two Airbus A-320 planes will travel to the aforementioned countries from this year’s October. Furthermore, the new destinations will also include the United States and China. Currently, Yamal operates flights to 19 Russian cities and to countries such as Bulgaria, Italy and Greece.

Also, new direct flights between Budapest and Toronto were launched earlier

The airport of Zukovskij was officially opened on May 30, earlier this year, as there was a need for another airport because the ones in Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domogyedovo became too crowded and their services became too expensive. Therefore, mainly low-cost and charter flights arrive to this new airport of Moscow.

In the first phase of the constructions of Zukovskij a terminal of 15 thousand square metres was established which has a capacity of 4 million passengers. But, by 2019, the airport is said to have two terminals, altogether of 60 thousand square metres and a capacity of 12 million passengers per year. The main owner of the airport is the Ramport Aero plc that, aside Russia and the Baltic states, is present in Poland and Italy as well.

And so were between Budapest and Venice

Further plans regarding the development of Zukovskij include the launch of a direct express train from the city centre of Moscow to all the four airports of the city from 2019; the trains would set off at the railway station of Kazan. Moreover, a hotel with 250 rooms and a parking lot system are also planned to be established near Zukovskij.

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