writes that Air Canada Rouge launched its new direct flights between Budapest and Toronto. The flights operate three times a week, making available to travel directly to Toronto.

The company is an expert in holiday flights, therefore, it was only logical that they announced the seasonal direct flights from Budapest to Toronto and the other way round. Until the 16th of October, planes take off in Canada on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and arrive the next day in Budapest.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade called attention to the importance of the new service, for it will strengthen the financial and tourist relations between Hungary and Canada. Moreover, the flights will play a significant role in national policy, as based on the data of the 2015 census, 310 thousand Hungarians live in Canada, of whom 53 thousand reside in Toronto.

Also, he highlighted that the airline company’s first flight already transported tons of goods and, by providing the necessary capacities, they may participate in the commercial trade of the two countries, which is worth about 400 million dollars.

Jost Lammers, CEO of Budapest Airport, which operates the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, stated that, by launching the new direct flights, they reflected to an existing demand: 91 thousand passengers arrived from Canada only last year, and the airline company grants transfers to the US and the Caribbean’s, as well.

Additionally, Lisa Helfand, Canadian ambassador to Hungary welcomed the news of the launch, by which families can get closer to each other, while the travelling process has also become much easier than it was, thanks to the CETA (Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement) between the EU and Canada.


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