Budapest (MTI) – In the next school year the central state organisation for managing Hungary’s schools (Klik) will operate with a different structure, László Palkovics, the education state secretary who is now also responsible for schools, said in a background briefing late on Tuesday.

He said the current centralised way in which Klik operates “is not really fortunate”. Raising the option of decentralisation, he said operations may be aligned regionally or organised around the number of schools in a particular area.

Also funding gaps must be eliminated, he said, indicating that new sources of funding would have to be secured. Palkovics said there would also be personnel changes at the organisation.

Speaking about a roundtable the government held with teacher union representatives, he said new rules governing various spheres of authority would be drafted and the system for reforming and maintaining Klik determined by Sept. 1. Also to be determined will be which powers are returned to school heads, he added.

The necessary legal changes must be decided by April at the latest, the state secretary said.

Other measures under the review are the system of promotion and reducing the burden of administration, as well as streamlining the Education Office, he said. Palkovics added that the burdens on pupils themselves would be reduced and changes would be made to the national curriculum.

Photo: MTI


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