Gellért Hill funicular to be built in Budapest
Photo: Imre Walton

It is official: Budapest gets a brand new funicular, NlCafe reports. The new Gellért Hill funicular project is supposed to be finished by the summer of 2020. Its route will go from Elizabeth Bridge to the Citadella, along the side of Gellért Hill.

A funicular was most probably invented so that people can spare their legs a hike. There is already a famous funicular in Budapest which is frequently used by tourists and locals alike: the Buda Hill Funicular.

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And now, the capital gets a new one!

The new funicular will be built on Gellért Hill. Its cabins will be able to welcome 40 people at once, and the whole journey from the starting point (Rác Bath) to the finish (the Citadella) will take only one and a half minutes, 71 seconds to be exact.

The project has an estimated cost of HUF 4,000,000-5,000,000 (EUR 12,300-15,400).

It is hoped that once the funicular is built, tourist buses will disappear from Gellért Hill.

According to the Budapest City Council, construction will start within 6 months, and archaeological finds have already started at the bridgehead of Elizabeth Bridge on the Buda side. People will be able to get on the funicular next to Rác Bath; there will be an underground passage below Hegyalja Avenue.

The construction of a huge parking lot for tourist buses is also included in the blueprints.

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The funicular will go along Orom street, which is a steeper area, then, it will go along a sloping hillside.

The funicular will have a 2.5-3.5-meter-high bridge structure and one rail.

The two cabins (each capable of holding 40 people at once) are planned to arrive from Italy. An Italian company called Leitner is supplying the cabins for the funicular. The funicular will have only one rail, as opposed to the Buda Hill Funicular which has two.

Construction is expected to last for 15 months. Thus, if the project starts in early 2019, it will be finished by 2020.


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