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András Csizmadia Málnási, a Hungarian medical scientist, has been awarded the Innovation Researcher of Eötvös Loránd University in 2018 award, along with his fellow scientist and colleague. These two scientists explored new compounds which could help to cure the anatomy of muscles in the human body and to prevent any kind of malfunctions and diseases. With the use of these compounds, they would like to create new kinds of medicine which could set new standards in the health industry.

According to, these newly explored compounds play an important part in muscle movements, the healthy structure of the brain and in the heart muscles. In the last decades, many efforts were made by scientists to find the possible cure for stroke, but all these efforts failed.

Fortunately, Hungarian scientists did not give up and managed to create a material, which contains a special kind of albumin, which destroys motor proteins (these proteins cause fatal strokes in the human brain), and in this way, people who got strokes would recover more easily and efficiently.

This new method was first tested on animals. Scientists created a stroke disease in animals with special surgical procedures, and after they woke up from the surgery, they got the medicine. Scientists reported that after they received this special material, it was observed that these animals’ brains showed immediate recovery and their neurological system also started to operate normally.

To be treated with a stroke means that after the incident, the muscles do not get the necessary impulses to be able to move efficiently. For this reason, the patient suffers from constant muscle pain. The current medicines for a stroke are mostly efficient but have a lot of side-effects which are harmful to our heart and our neurological system.

This special cure created by a scientist is more efficient than the regular ones because it only disables motor proteins. This means that it does not have any side-effects to any other part of the human body, and it is optimal to be established as the most efficient stroke medicine without any harmful side-effects.


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  1. An Israeli company, Alpha Tau Medical, says it has developed a targeted radiation treatment that can cure cancerous tumors. This is the first time in the world that you can treat solid tumors with alpha radiation, Alpha Tau Medical’s CEO Uzi Sofer told the Times of Israel. The technology called ‘Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy’, or DaRT, uses a needle to inject tumors with a radioactive seed that releases a high-energy dose of radiation that destroys the tumor. The healthy tissue surrounding the tumors is left unharmed. The procedure is minimally invasive and can be performed using local anesthesia in two hours or less, the company said. Sofer told the Times that it’s much ‘like going to a dentist’. The Alpha DaRT radioactive seeds are inserted into the tumor where they must stay for at least two weeks. In the process of decay, Radium-224 releases its short-lived Alpha-emitting atoms into the tumor, according to the company’s website. By diffusion and convection, these atoms disperse to a therapeutically significant range of several millimeters, delivering a high dose of radiation inside the tumor. Sofer told the Times that the darts are biocompatible and can remain inside an internal organ forever. He said it could be used to treat any kind of solid tumor, adding that it could be used concurrently with other cancer treatments. Right now, we have evidence for squamous cell carcinoma and we have 12 protocols that we are developing all around the world to treat patients with different solid tumors, Sofer told the Israeli news outlet. No serious side effects were observed during clinical trials, according to company spokesperson Sara Jaehnert, adding that any non-severe side effects were resolved within one to two months. Why hasn’t this type of radioactive material been used before? Alpha particles are lethal to cancerous cells but they have a short half-life, which means the particles had been unsuitable for cancer treatment, according to the company’s website. After the system is used, the body learns what to find and what to destroy, Sofer said. Clinical trials in humans started in early 2017. It was first tested on more than 6,000 animals. There are currently two clinical trials for squamous cell carcinoma of the head, neck, and skin, which are taking place in Israel and Italy. Sofer told the Times that preliminary results of the trials were sensational. All of the trials’ patients responded to the treatment and the tumors disappeared in 73% of them. The company said the treatment can teach a person’s immune system recognize and destroy unhealthy cells. Cancer cells know how to ‘hide’ from the immune system, but tumor ablation, which is what the company’s therapy does, can cause the formation of tumor-specific antigens that can then be recognized by the immune system, Jaehnert said. Alpha Tau Medical is also working with cancer centers across the globe, including at least two locations in the U.S. – the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. We pray and believe that by 2019 we will have the first approval in Europe and then we’ll have approval in the US and Japan, with a very clear road map for each country, Sofer told the Times.

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