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New Hungarian super gadget for bicycles

New Hungarian super gadget for bicycles

Attention cyclists, a handy gadget is in sight! It is called Shoka Bell and is able to control, light up, and also signals if your bike is being stolen. According to, many people have already laid their eyes on this amazing gadget.

The gadget, developed by Hungarians, can become the new favourite of cyclists: Shoka Bell has been up for only a few days on Kickstarter’s site but already collected 85 thousand dollars of support. And they are still counting, as it seems that many people see potential in the invention.

The tool can do much more than alarming or warning – of course you can do this by pushing one button, but it is also a great navigator, a lamp, and it can even warn us if our bike is being stolen, because it signals if anyone touches it in a zone of 250 metres.

shoka bell2

You don’t even have to put the gadget itself onto your bicycle, its case is enough, as Shoka Bell is connected to it magnetically. You can connect it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and you only need to download an application, type in your destination, so Shoka Bell can lead the way with the help of its built-in LED-s. It runs on an accumulator, but one charging can last for 200 hours.

The gadget, registered under the name of Dániel Falusi, will be available for circa 109 dollars.


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