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Here is the Jobbik’s new media campaign: They steal, We take it back

Here is the Jobbik’s new media campaign: They steal, We take it back

Jobbik press release – “The next phase of Jobbik’s outdoor media campaign reveals that the party is going to give back the Hungarian people all the monies stolen by Fidesz,” Jobbik’s spokesman Péter Jakab said in his Budapest press conference on Sunday. As he put it, Fidesz was ready to take the last bits of money from people’s pockets while Jobbik was going to do what no government did in the past 27 years: “we will give back to the people what belongs to the people.”

“This is our message to the Orbán mafia: while you are ready to steal even the last bit of money from Hungarian people’s pockets, the future Jobbik government will take back the money and return it to the Hungarian people,” Mr Jakab announced. Explaining the purpose of Jobbik’s first campaign, he said it revealed who the raiders of the people were so that they could make an informed decision as to how they wanted to spend their wages or pensions from 2018: on themselves and their families or rather on Árpád Habony, Antal Rogán, Viktor Orbán or perhaps Lőrinc Mészáros, who gained 100 bn HUF last year, thus making 274 million HUF a day.

“The stolen money is to be given back,” Mr Jakab warned, citing the example of Romania, where a sum worth 133 bn HUF was retrieved from politicians via court resolutions. “After Jobbik gets into government in 2018, we will retrieve the illegally obtained monies by confiscation while the already legalized corrupt gains will be retrieved by way of special taxes,” he added. In response to a question from a journalist, the spokesman said the outdoor media campaign is financed from the party’s savings and from a line of credit. The State Audit Office of Hungary will receive all the necessary information on the costs but the unit price is a business secret of the contracting service providers.

“The Dear Leader is terrified of any opposing opinion,” Mr Jakab responded to another question, referring to Viktor Orbán’s plan to pass a legislation that would limit outdoor media campaigns run by opposition parties. In the spokesman’s words, it is clear that Jobbik’s billboards “had a major impact” on Mr Orbán, so “he is using any means to remove opposing voices, not only from the media but the public areas as well.”



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