The new so-called metro line 5’s construction would be very costly, and according to the Urban and Suburban Transport Association, it may not even satisfy commuters’ needs.

The government and representatives of Budapest agreed upon the support of the renovation and expansion of suburban train lines during a seating of the Budapest City council last Thursday, reported The Csepel-Ráczkeve line will be expanded and later the northern and southern routes of suburban trains could be connected, which would be named metro line 5.

Dávid Dorosz, Deputy Mayor, said that the realisation of metro line 5 depends on other projects that need to be done, and considered finances as well.

The Urban and Suburban Transport Association claimed in a Facebook post that the completion of such construction could cost almost as much as €1.5 billion (500 billion forints). And it would not even accommodate the needs of commuters.

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Szentendre Commuter Railway HÉV
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Budapest Development Center has already put out a tender for planning the first phase. This would include the expansion of southern lines, renovations of the already existing ones and making the stops more accessible for disabled people.

“Mixing these two in technology means about double the expense, while not being able to serve either passenger group properly. Double the expense is exactly the cost of another metro line,” said the chairman of the Urban and Suburban Transport Association, Lajos Dorner.

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Szentendre Commuter Railway HÉV
Read alsoBudapest’s new metro line 5 could cost over €1 billion!


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  1. Wow with that price tag better find an alternative to subway/metro, mixing up technologies only will benefit the builders and contractors of this project because in the long run the people with their taxes will pay the metro, not any other private company and hey, it is 1 Billion Euros!!! Not to mention the politicians who will be bribed to allow such an expensive plan.

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