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New nationalist movement launched in Vecsés

New nationalist movement launched in Vecsés

A new nationalist movement was launched in Vecsés, with the participation of “Identitesz” (a group of university students), “Betyársereg” (national movement of martial artists) and the “National Association of Cities” under the name of “Force and Determination” (Erő és Elszántság).

President of “Identitesz” Balázs László said the goal was to create a new unity and a new right-wing force that breaks with the old habit of gazing into the past. He called the gay parade in Budapest, which was held almost the same time when the new political formation was launched, a moral disease.

He called ethnic self-defense a particularly important issue, even more important than fighting against corruption, or improving healthcare and education.

Answering to questions the head of “Identitesz” remarked that the first and most important goal of the new movement was to focus public thinking to the issue of racial self-defence; all other policy issues can only come about after that. This is what he called “metapolitics”, which means “political struggle in the world of values ​​and thoughts”.


In his speech, the Head of “Betyársereg” Zsolt Tyirityán also remarked that the alpha and the omega of the struggle of the new movement was to defend the living space of the community. He called this and the defeat of “Satanic liberalism” as one of the most important goals of the newly-formed movement.

It is important that those who formed the movement have “white, European race consciousness” he explained adding that he don’t hate anybody but expect that others respect him as a white European Hungarian patriot.

Originally, the National Network of Érpatak Model led by Zoltán Mihály Orosz was about to join the newly formed alliance but in the last minute he changed his mind instead, he formed his own political party called “Order and Justice.”

Zsolt Tyirityán told that several other organizations have already indicated their willingness to join the new movement. He also remarked that the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement also sympathizing with them. He described the new movement’s relation to Jobbik as “neither ally, nor enemy.”

Zoltán Mihály Orosz who attended the event as a private citizen told that he considered the racial ideology embraced by the new movement misguided and outdated.

He thinks that today the main division of society lies between “builders and destroyers” rather than along ethnic lines.

According to The Guardian, main opposition party, “Jobbik (Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom/Jobbik – The Movement for a Better Hungary) has been moving away from its far-right roots and is staking out a more centrist position. This has created space for new hard-right initiatives”.

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