It has been ten years since the announcement of the construction of a city center in Zugló and a department store named Mundo. Better late than never, Echo Investment states that the promise will soon become reality.

According to, approximately 170 units might be placed in the modern complex on 35,000 square meters. About half of these units will be clothing shops.

In the rest of the units supermarkets, fitness rooms, playgrounds, restaurants, cafés and multiplex movie theaters will be built. However, the profitable operation of the latter ones is still questionable. Besides the 170 stores, the complex will have 1400 parking lots, 4 elevators, 12 escalators and a terrace.

Two moving walkways will also be placed in the building — you may find such devices in major airports. These moving walkways may come in handy as the longest distance between two stores will be approximately 220 meters and the whole complex will consist of two and a half floors. The shops’ average inner height will be 4-5 meters — this is 3.5 meters at competitors.

The designers of the building tried to make it transparent, and they intended to include lots of natural sunlight and easy parking. The latter one means wider ramps, fewer pillars and more space. There will be wider parking lots with larger room for families.

The designers of Mundo Center include Béla Bánáti and Lajos Hartvig from Bánáti+Hartvig Architects Építész Iroda, Studio Quadra from Warsaw, as well as Bose International Planning and Architecture. It is not the first time the Hungarian agency was working in co-production with others: they have designed Bálna together with a Dutch company, ONL studio, while they have renewed Gerbeaud House together with German experts. The architects expect this investment to invigorate the architectural life in the entire district: a new office building and a marketplace might be constructed in the city center, as well as a new cultural and sports center in the place of the current car barn.



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