New, dangerous phishing virus spreads on the internet. The program called Rombertik collects data indiscriminately, and it is able to destroy the host computer too – Ferenc Hlács said to the journalist of InfoRadio.

The journalist said: the virus spreads mostly with spam campaigns. The authors ask the recipient in believable emails – such as business offers – to download the attached file. This contains the malware, which will be installed to the victim’s computer.

“This virus is more dangerous than other viruses, because if a security company finds it and tries to analyze it, the virus attempts to make the host computer unusable” – Hlács said. “It deletes the hard disk partition and restarts the computer. With this, the computer becomes practically unusable” – the journalist detailed.

He added: moreover, if the spyware remains in the computer, it can complicate the reinstallation. However, it is unlikely that this problem would occur with an average user, but just in case you should format your hard drive.

“The most simple solution is to avoid the suspicious emails and not to download any attached files which do not come from reliable sources. If we doubt, it is advisable to respond the email first and make certain of the sender’s credibility.


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