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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, February 8 (MTI) – Teachers need calm, stable and predictable conditions so that they focus on their work, László Palkovics, state secretary for education, told MTI on Monday.

Palkovics said he expected Tuesday’s public education roundtable to be a “constructive” conference with teachers’ demands and the government’s expectations on its agenda.

Palkovics welcomed the re-integration of public and higher education under his state secretariat and pledged increased efficiency in the short term.

Concerning national school manager Klik, whose operations have elicited complaints both from teachers and parents, the state secretary said that the organisation needs to be reconsidered and called for fast decisions “to restore order in schools”.

Palkovics also added that reducing the administrative burden on teachers was another burning issue.

“I expect efficient and calm work discussing options rather than sentiments” in the interest of changing the education system to benefit students, he added.

Palkovics, state secretary for higher education in the past two years, was put in charge of the whole of the education system on Saturday, after the human resources minister removed Judit Bertalan Czunyi from her post of state secretary for public education.

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