The government plans to introduce a new legal category – crisis caused by mass migration and proposes the establishment of several Transit Zones at the Hungarian – Serbian border. The closed zones will be set up within 60 meters from the border and will have only one exit toward Serbia. Migrants can leave the zones at any time through that exit.

The government will also table a bill in parliament proposing the amendment of 13 provisions of the Criminal Code said Fidesz Parliamentary Group Deputy Gergely Gulyás in a press-conference.

It is unacceptable that the so-called Western Balkan countries help the transportation of migrants to the Schengen borders without screening them said Government Spokesman Zoltán Kovács on Friday to news channel M1.

We face every day with the flood of illegal immigrants delivered to our doorsteps by foreign public bodies said the spokesman adding that in this situation, Hungary is the only country along the Western Balkan migrant route that does its job; in the meantime, migrants becoming increasingly aggressive; they demand from Hungarian authorities to let them go, or even to transport them to their desired destinations.

The government spokesman also noted that the migrants are coming from countries – Greece and Macedonia – where their lives are not threatened; in other words, in those countries they could apply for asylum as those are safe countries.

A few days ago, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós also announced that the Transit Zones near railway stations in Budapest will be phased out because they are full and it is unacceptable that the main focal points of the city completely taken over by migrants.

Initially, the city planned to reopen the Transit Zones in four different locations – three in Buda one in Pest; but Tarlós dropped the plan announcing that only one Transit Zone will be created in the seventh district.

The new Transit Zone will accommodate about one thousand migrants and is scheduled to be opened in two weeks.

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