Budapest, March 3 (MTI) – Illegal migration has stopped along Hungary’s border with Croatia since the section was sealed in mid-October last year while the pressure has increased along the border with Serbia over the past weeks, daily Magyar Hírlap said on Thursday.

Hungarian authorities have not detained any migrants attempting to cross illegally into Hungary from Croatia, but have made 60-70 arrests a day along the Serbian border over the past few weeks, national police ORFK told the paper.

Over the past weeks, the record number of illegal entrants taken into custody on a single day was 237 people, apprehended on February 21, ORFK said.

The paper said that the national immigration office (BAH) has received 2,667 asylum applications since mid-October until February 23. Sixty-seven of these have been accepted and 375 rejected while the asylum procedure had to be terminated in 290 cases due to either a withdrawal of the application or the applicant leaving the country, the office told the paper.

Over the course of these four months a total of 1,036 people were expelled from the country, BAH said.

The office will soon open two reception centres to operate temporarily near the Austrian border, one at Kormend with capacity of 500 and the other at Szentgotthard for 300 people, Magyar Hírlap said.

Photo: MTI


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