The Czech Republic sends 25 soldiers and technical equipment to Hungary to help defending the Schengen border. Later on, troop deployment can be expanded and may reach one hundred or more reported the Czech ministry of defense.

The Czech soldiers will remain in Hungary for approximately two months but their mission can be extended said Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky on Monday in Prague.

The Czech Republic is ready to send dozens more soldiers and police officers to Hungary if need be.

Poland sent a helicopter which arrived in Hungary with a crew of eight and with one liaison officer on Saturday said Polish border guard spokesperson Joanna Rokicka.

The military assistance of the V4 countries to help protect the Schengen border is part of an effort by the EU border agency (Frontex) to ease the migratory pressure on Hungary.

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  1. Good to see support and United effort. I don’t see Germany helping out eventhough they are the engineers of this mess.

  2. @Edward,
    Think the Germans have their hands full by now, LOL! I guess the Slovaks are keeping busy on the east borders, theirs and maybe ours? We’ll see….

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